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Get to know the event that brings together 3500 students from the Schools of Beja to celebrate the Portuguese Azulejo.

550 years of history

The Azulejo entered Portugal for 550 years, more concretely in Beja.

SOS Azulejo

The Beja Tile Festival is a partnership with the SOS Azulejo Project.

May 6, 2019, 18h00

Galeria do Museu Regional de Beja

Inauguration of the Exhibitions of the Tile Festival, in the Gallery of the Regional Museum of Beja, Rua dos Infantes, Beja

May 8, 2019, 9h00

Tile Festival Day, Republic Square

Azulejo's Feast Day features several activities, including:
Peddy Papper Tiling, Tile Painting Workshop, Giant Puzzles Assembly, Street Animation, Traditional Dances, Performances by students of the Regional Conservatory, Acting of the Mocinhos Coral Group in Cante, Guided Tours of the City Monuments.
Activities do not have a specific schedule. Throughout the morning, with its epicenter in Praça da República, spreading through the streets of the historic center, students and teachers of the city invite all the local population and visitors to participate in this celebration of the greater Portuguese art that is the art of tile.

May 6 to 17, 2019

Cine Teatro Pax Julia
”Create in Schools”

Exhibition with works of the students of the city of Beja, exploring the theme of the tile.

May 6 to 17, 2019

Gallery of the Regional Museum of Beja
"The Imaginarium of the New Potters"

The young Raleigh joined a troop of a hundred horse, raised by a family member called the Compte de Montgomerie

May 6 to 17, 2019

Beja Regional Museum
"The Mathematics in Art"

Itinerant exhibition that explores the connection between mathematics and the arts.


The Tile Festival brings to the city a handful of activities for all people. No matter the age or nationality, everyone can participate!

Exposiçõesde Rua

Street Exhibitions

The Art of Tile comes to the street and wears the city with tile patterns and large format photos.

Sample title


The creativity of the students of Beja can be appreciated by all.

Peddy Papper

Peddy Papper

A fun way for our young people to get to know the Azulejo Art of Beja.

Concurso de Pintura de Tshirts

Tshirt's Painting Contest

The tile as a force of artistic expression in everyday clothing.

Oficinas de Pintura sobre Azulejo

Tile Painting Wrkshop

Children's first contact with this technique, with the help of their Teachers.

Pinturas Faciais

Facial Paintings

Fun and Party! You can not miss the facial paintings by EPBJC students.

Puzzles Gigantes

Giant Puzzles

Learn by playing! Assembly of giant puzzles with Panels of Beja's Churches.

Actividades Musicais

Musical Activities

Dances and Music liven up the morning of the Tile Festival.

Visitas Guiadas

Guided Tours

Get to know the Tile Heritage of Beja better in a stroll through the city.

Sobre a Festa

About the Festival

In 1467 the Infanta D. Brites ordered to its Palace of the Infantes, in Beja, tiles of the workshops of Manizes, Valencia. A new artistic and decorative element enters Portugal, then fills walls, floors and ceilings of a new national architecture, known as the Manueline-Mudéjar.

From here, from this city of millennia, begins the introduction of what is considered the first art of Portugal, its tile art, which decorates, in the same century the Convent of Jesus in Setúbal, the Sintra's Palace and the Quinta da Bacalhôa in Azeitão. Wanting to consolidate the dissemination of the tile, considered the Portuguese art par excellence, and the 5 centuries of tiles in situs in Beja, the only Portuguese city where this happens, adpBEJA organizes the BEJA TILE FESTIVAL | SOS AZULEJO with the participation of all schools in the municipality of Beja. 

More than 2,500 children and young people and professors join the REPÚBLICA SQUARE in MAY and show the world the rich heritage of the city of Beja. Exhibitions, puzzles assembly, peddy paper, guided tours, music, street animation and tile painting workshops make up and fill a bright morning in the Republic Square.

When the Assembly of the Republic approves a national tile day in 2017, in this city of BEJA, schools are already starting in 2014 to sensitize young people and to create new works, based on their tile art.

The Festa do Azulejo Sponsors

These are the sponsors that collaborate with adpBEJA in the organization of the Festa, it is them and all those who participate that make the magic of the Party happen!

Câmara Municipal de Beja
365 Alentejo Ribatejo
Turismo de Portugal - Alentejo
Portugal 2020
Turismo Alentejo/Ribatejo
União de Freguesias de Beja - São João Baptista e Santiago Maior
União de Freguesias de Beja - Salvador e Santa Maria
Projecto SOS Azulejo
Museu Regional de Beja
Agrupamento de Escolas de Beja Nº1
EMAS de Beja
Agrupamento de Escolas de Beja Nº2
Centro UNESCO Beja
Diocese de Beja
Diário do Alentejo
Rádio Voz da Planície
Rádio Pax
Lidador Notícias
A Loja dos Telemóveis